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When you need treatment for painful hand or wrist fractures, the physicians at The Hand Center offer comprehensive care. At their offices in Hartford, Bloomfield, Glastonbury, and Tolland, Connecticut, the experienced hand and wrist experts can confirm a fracture with on-site diagnostics and create a treatment plan to ensure the proper healing of your bone. Don’t delay a diagnostic evaluation of suspected fractures. Call The Hand Center office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Fractures Q & A

What causes fractures?

Fractures are breaks in a bone that result from impact injuries like a fall or sports-related contact. You can also suffer fractures due to age-related changes in your bone resulting from osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

Your wrist, hand, and fingers are common areas where bone fractures happen in a fall. This is because of your natural reaction to reach out to protect yourself. These bones can suffer one of two types of fracture:

Closed fracture

A closed fracture is a break that doesn’t expose the bone.

Open fracture

An open fracture involves a broken bone protruding through the skin, which requires immediate medical attention.

What are the symptoms of a fracture?

Symptoms of a fracture tend to develop immediately or soon after a fall or another type of injury. You will experience pain that continues to worsen over time and other symptoms like:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness

In severe fractures, you will also notice a deformity of the bone even if it’s a closed fracture.

How are fractures diagnosed?

Diagnosing a fracture involves a physical exam and imaging tests like X-rays. Your provider at The Hand Center evaluates the bone to determine where and how severe the fracture is.

The Hand Center team of physicians determines what type of treatment is needed after your exam and tailors your care to ensure that your fracture heals fully.

How are fractures treated?

An open fracture will most likely need immediate surgery to reset the bone and close the wound to prevent excessive blood loss and infection.

A closed fracture usually requires the use of a splint or a cast to allow the fracture time to heal naturally. If the fracture is moderate to severe, you may need surgery to reposition the bone so that it heals properly.

In some cases, the use of rods, pins, or plates is necessary to hold the bone in position and prevent additional injury. Depending on the severity of your condition, your surgeon at The Hand Center might be able to remove these devices after you heal. In other cases, you’ll need to leave them in place to support your hand or wrist.

If you suspect you have a fracture and need a diagnostic evaluation, schedule an appointment by calling The Hand Center office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online today.