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If chronic pain in your fingers due to arthritis or repeated dislocation puts limits on what you can do, get help from the orthopedic experts at The Hand Center. At their offices in Hartford, Glastonbury, Bloomfield, and Tolland, Connecticut, the experienced medical team takes a customized approach to chronic finger pain and offers both conservative and surgical treatments to relieve pain and prevent progressive deformities. If you have persistent pain in your fingers, schedule a diagnostic evaluation today by phone or online at The Hand Center office nearest you.

Finger Issues Q & A

What causes pain in the fingers?

Conditions that affect your fingers can cause symptoms that range from a dull ache or frequent cramps to severe throbbing pain and persistent stiffness.

Some of the most common underlying issues that affect the health and function of your fingers include:

  • Cysts
  • Arthritis
  • Dislocations
  • Nerve compression
  • Chronic inflammation

You can also have pain in your fingers due to underlying joint issues or bone fractures. For some, the unnatural bending of fingers due to Dupuytren’s contracture can lead to chronic pain and disability.

When pain in your fingers makes it difficult for you to engage in your usual activities or do your job, you shouldn’t delay a consultation with the team at The Hand Center.

How is finger pain diagnosed?

During your evaluation, your provider at The Hand Center talks with you about the kind of pain you’re having and where you have it.

A shooting pain can be an indication that you have a joint dislocation in your finger or have an underlying issue like carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome that’s causing pressure on your nerves.

A fracture can cause persistent pain as well as swelling, bruising, and discoloration in your finger. To confirm or rule out these types of injuries, your provider at The Hand Center will order imaging tests like X-rays to get a closer look at the inner structures of your hand and fingers.

If you have swollen joints or other signs of arthritis, your provider can test your joint flexibility and examine your fingers for early signs of a joint deformity.

What treatments are available for painful fingers?

Treating painful fingers typically starts with pain-relieving medications and anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling and inflammation. You might also need to limit your activities and immobilize the affected fingers to allow your fingers to heal and prevent additional damage.

Your provider at The Hand Center could also recommend exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your finger joints or hand therapy to improve your hand’s function. Exercises can also ease pressure on the nerves in your hand and wrist.

If you’ve suffered a dislocation, bone fracture, or pain from a large cyst, The Hand Center team can offer minimally invasive surgery to repair the damage. For arthritis, the team can resurface your joint or replace it to correct a deformity and provide you with long-lasting pain relief.

To find out more about treatments available for painful fingers, schedule a consultation at The Hand Center office nearest you online or by phone.